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Some of my posts to the CONLANG Mailing List

NOTE: This list is neither complete nor exhaustive. I have only included posts which are probably of lasting significance, and omitted the many cursory replies on various threads I have participated in over time. Here you can find posts about Old Albic and Germanech (much of it now out of date, though), the futility of auxlanging, the misguidedness of taxonomic vocabularies and other matters.

The messages are listed in chronological order in each category, with the earliest on the top.

Table of contents

The art of conlanging


My conlangs

The Albic project

Roman Germanech


Comments on other people's conlangs

J. R. R. Tolkien's conlangs

Boreanesian (Kristian Jensen)

Silindion (Elliott Lash)

Tokana (Matthew Pearson)

C'ali (Tom Wier)

Plan B (Jeff Prothero) and derivatives thereof

R. A. Brown's conlangs




Stack-based languages

Sohlob and other languages by Benct Philip Jonsson

Herman Miller's conlangs

Vessian/Neo-Thracian (Daniel Benson)

Logical languages


Miscellaneous topics

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